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HWMG Spray Tanning pack

This page is designed to provide information and links for local authority enforcement officers and business owners about spray tan treatments. HSE and other authoritative sources have provided information and advice including occupational risk factors for operators and risks for clients.  Links to these sources of information are provided below. 

Spray tan procedures and the use of spray booths have increased in popularity over recent years, particularly among younger women, and have been regarded as a safe alternative to achieve a tan without the sun exposure and associated increased risk of developing malignant melanoma. 

However, topical tanning products are chemically complex, with some producing chemical changes at the skin surface in order to achieve the desired (and temporary) tanning effect.  One of the most common additives in such products is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a form of sugar that undergoes reaction in the skin to produce temporary pigments (melanoidins).  Only limited research has been conducted on the possible toxicity of such chemicals, and their potential long-term effects following repeated treatment.  The normal method of application - typically as an aerosol spray - and the chemical complexity of the products means that worker exposure to several chemicals may occur during treatment (by inhalation of aerosols), and will certainly occur for the client (via dermal contact and possible inhalation of aerosols).  Given the uncertainties over possible ill-health effects, repeat exposure needs to be controlled and, where appropriate, eliminated.

The pack contains:

Assessing the risks for spray tan treatments

The key preventative measures and best practice


Technical information

Training courses

For further information please contact: or tel: 01298 218416

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