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Enabling a Better Working World

Enabling a better Working World

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What's New - HSE Science and Research Publications

New Published Articles

CONNOLLY, A., BASINAS, I., JONES, K., GALEA, K., KENNY, L., MCGOWAN, P. and COGGINS, M. (2018) Characterizing glyphosate exposures among amenity horticulturists using multiple spot urine samples. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 221 (7), 1012-1022,

MOGRIDGE, R., BOWRY, A. and CLAYTON, M. (2018) Evaluation of a shortened qualitative fit test method for filtering facepiece respirators. Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection, 35 (1), 47-64

Advance Publications

BLANC-VANNET, P., JALLAIS, S., FUSTER, B., FOUILLEN, F., HALM, D., VAN EEKELEN, T., WELCH, S., BREUER, P. and HAWKSWORTH, S. (2018) Fire tests carried out in FCH JU Firecomp project, recommendations and applications to safety of gas storage systems. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,

BRADSHAW, L., SUMNER, J., DELIC, J., HENNEBERGER, P. and FISHWICK, D. (2018) Work aggravated asthma in Great Britain: a cross-sectional postal survey. Primary Health Care Research and Development, (open access)

GILHAM, C., RAKE, C., HODGSON, J., DARNTON, A., BURDETT, G., PETO WILD, J., NEWTON, M., NICHOLSON, A., DAVIDSON, L., SHIRES, M., TREASURE, T., PETO, J. and TIPS COLLABORATION (2018) Past and current asbestos exposure and future mesothelioma risks in Britain: The Inhaled Particles Study (TIPS). International Journal of Epidemiology, dyx276, (open access)

SHIRVILL, L., ROBERTS, T. A., ROYLE, M., WILLOUGHBY, D. and SATHIAH, P. (2018) Experimental study of hydrogen explosion in repeated pipe congestion - Part 1:Effects of increase in congestion. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

SNODGRASS, R. (2018) Ageing Assets - workers get old too! Safety and Reliability, (open access)

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