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HSE Science and Research Publications 2021

Journal Papers

BIRKITT, K., LOO-MORREY, M., SANCHEZ, C. AND O'SULLIVAN, L. (2021) Materials aspects associated with the addition of up to 20 mol% hydrogen into an existing natural gas distribution network. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12290-12299

BUTTNER, W., HALL, J., COLDRICK, S., HOOKER, P. AND WISCHMEYER, T. (2021) Hydrogen wide area monitoring of LH2 releases. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12497-12510

COCKAYNE, S., FAIRHURST, C., ZAND, M., FROST, G., LIDDLE, M., CUNNINGHAM-BURLEY, R., HEWITT, C., ILES-SMITH, H., GREEN, L., BAIN, E., MOGRADIA, M., TORGERSON, D.J. (2021)  Slip resistent footwear to reduce slips among health-care workers: the SSHeW RCT. Public Health Research, 9(3)

FORBES VALERY, E. E. A. I. AND REED, M. (2021) Mechanistic effect modeling of earthworms in the context of pesticide risk assessment: Synthesis of the FORESEE Workshop. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 17 352-363

GANT, S., TICKLE, G., KELSEY, A. AND TUCKER, H. (2021) DRIFT dispersion model predictions for the Jack Rabbit II Model inter-comparison exercise. Atmospheric Environment, 244 117717

HALL, J., HOOKER, P. AND JEFFREY, K. (2021) Gas detection of hydrogen/natural gas blends in the gas industry. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12555-12565

LOIZOU, G., MCNALLY, K., DORNE, J. AND HOGG, A. (2021) Derivation of a Human In Vivo Benchmark Dose for Perfluorooctanoic Acid From ToxCast In Vitro Concentration Response Data Using a Computational Workflow for Probabilistic Quantitative In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation. Frontiers in Pharmacology

MAZZOLA, T. AND GANT, S. (2021) Results of comparisons of the predictions of 17 dense gas dispersion models with observations from the Jack Rabbit II chlorine field experiment. Atmospheric Environment, 244 117887

PARKER, G., EASTWOOD, A., STORM, M., VITHARANA, K., HEATWOLE, E., LOPEZ-PULLIAM, I., BROILO, R., DICKINSON, P., MARTINEZ, A., RAU, C. AND BOURNE, N. (2021) 4D micro-scale, phase-contrast X-ray imaging and computed tomography of HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives during thermal runaway. Combustion and Flame, 226 478-489

TRAINOR, M., MEEUWSEN, J. M. AND BONGERS, P. (2021) Generating health and safety knowledge for innovative and sustainable workplaces: a PEROSH perspective. European Journal of Workplace Innovation, 6 (1)

YOUNG, C., SMITH, D., WAFER, T. AND CROOK, B. (2021) Rapid Testing and Interventions to Control Legionella Proliferation following a Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Associated with Cooling Towers. Microorganisms, 9 (3), 615


Reports by HSE Scientists and Expert Committees

HSE WORKPLACE HEALTH EXPERT COMMITTEE (WHEC) SARS-CoV-2: testing and the workplace: rapid review to 16th February 2021 HSE, 2021.

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) transmission in meat processing factories: evidence summary to 27 July 2020. HSE, 2021.


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