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Enabling a better Working World

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2019 HSE's Annual Science Review

The 2019 HSE's Annual Science Review showcases HSE's science and research achievements. It demonstrates how we use science and evidence to improve the management of work-related risk Download

Annual Science Review 2019



Journal Papers

BRADLEY, I., WILLOUGHBY, D. and ROYLE, M. (2019) A review of the applicability of the jet fire resistance test of passive fire protection materials to a range of release scenarios. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 122 185-191,

BROOKMAN, B., BUTLER, O., CIARALLI, L., HORSKY, M., LAURENT, C., NOBLETT, T., ORNEMARK, U., PATRIARCA, M., SIBBESEN, L., TIIKKAINEN, U., PUTTEN VAN, K. and ROBOUCH, P. (2019) Proficiency testing in analytical chemistry, microbiology and laboratory medicine: discussions on current practice and future directions. Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 24 (1), 93-101,

CONNOLLY, A., JONES, K., BASINAS, I., GALEA, K., KENNY, L., MCGOWAN, P. and COGGINS, M. (2019) Exploring the half-life of glyphosate in human urine samples. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 222 (2),

ENTWISTLE, J., AMAIBI, P., DEAN, J., DEARY, M., MEDOCK, D., MORTON, J., RODUSHKIN, I. and BRAMWELL, L. (2019) An apple a day? Assessing gardeners' lead exposure in urban agriculture sites to improve the derivation of soil assessment criteria. Environment International, 122, 130-141,

HIDAJAT, M., MCELVENNY, D., RITCHIE, P., DARNTON, A., MUELLER, W., VAN TONGEREN, M., AGIUS, R., CHERRIE, J. and DE VOCHT, F. (2019) Lifetime exposure to rubber dusts, fumes and N-nitrosamines and cancer mortality in a cohort of British rubber workers with 49 years follow-up. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 76 (4), 250-258, (open access)

PAINI, A., LEONARD, J., JOOSSENS, E., BESSEMS, J., DESALEGN, A., DORNE, J., GOSLING, J., HERINGA, M., KLARIC, M., KLIMENT, T., KRAMER, N., LOIZOU, G., LOUISSE, J., LUMEN, A., MADDEN, J., PATTERSON, E., PROENCA, S., PUNT, A., SETZER, R. W., TROUTMAN, J., YOON, M., WORTH, A. and TAN, Y. (2019) Next generation physiologically based kinetic (NG-PBK) models in support of regulatory decision making. Computational Toxicology, 9, 61-72,

POOLE, C. J. M., BOVENZI, M., NILSSON, T., LAWSON, I., HOUSE, R., THOMPSON, A. and YOUAKIM, S. (2019) International consensus criteria for diagnosing and staging hand-arm vibration syndrome. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 92 (1), 117-127, (open access)

SCHEEPERS, P. and COCKER, J. (2019) Human biomonitoring with or without limits? Progress in the analysis of biomarkers of xenobiotics and some opportnites for improved interpretation. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 113 116-123, (open access)

SHIRVILL, L., ROBERTS, T. A., ROYLE, M., WILLOUGHBY, D. and SATHIAH, P. (2019) Experimental study of hydrogen explosion in repeated pipe congestion - part 2: effects of increase in hydrogen methane-air mixture. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44 (5), 3264-3276,

Conference Papers

ALBANI, M., SILVAGNI, C., LEONE, R., MARELLI, F., ALBANI, S., LAZZARINI, M., POPESCU, A., FOGLINI, F., DE LEO, F., GRANDE, V., SALVI, S., TRASATTI, E., NAPIER, H., ALDRIDGE, T., COLE, S., MOORE, R. and MAGGIO, I. Ever-est: the platform allowing scientists to cross-fertilize and cross validate data. 2019 Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS19), Munich, Germany, 19-21 Feb 2019, 149-152, (open access)

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