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Enabling a Better Working World

Enabling a better Working World

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HSE Science and Research Publications 2018

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Annual Science Review


The Annual Science Review showcases HSE's science and research achievements. It demonstrates how we use science and evidence to improve the management of work-related risk.


Journal Papers

BUTLER, O., CAIRNS, W., COOK, J., DAVIDSON, C. and MERTZ-KRAUS, R. Atomic spectrometry update - a review of advances in envrionmental analysis. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2018, 33 (1), 8-56,

HEMINGWAY, R. and GUNAWAN, O. The Natural Hazards Partnership: a national public-sector collaboration in the UK for natural hazard disaster risk reduction. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 2018, 27 499-511, (open access)

JAMES, P., CANNON, J., BARBER, C., CRAWFORD, L., HUGHES, H., JONES, M., SZRAM, J., COOKSON, W., MOFFATT, M. and CULLINAN, P. Metal worker's lung: spatial association with mycobacterium avium. Thorax, 2018, 73 (2), 151-156, (open access)

PATTEMORE, P. K., SILVERS, K. M., FRAMPTON, C. M., WICKENS, K., INGHAM, T., FISHWICK, D., CRANE, J., TOWN, G. I., EPTON, M. J. and ON BEHALF OF THE NEW ZEALAND ASTHMA AND ALLERGY COHORT STUDY GROUP (2018) Hair nicotine at 15 months old, tobacco exposure and wheeze or asthma from 15 months to 6 years old. Pediatric Pulmonology, 53 (4), 433-451, (open access)

SHIRVILL, L., ROBERTS, T. A., ROYLE, M., WILLOUGHBY, D. and SATHIAH, P. (2018) Effects of congestion and confining walls on turbulent deflagrations in a hydrogen storage facility- part 1: Experimental study. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 43 (15), 7618-7642,

STACEY, P., THORPE, A., ROBERTS, P. and BUTLER, O. Determination of respirable-sized crystalline silica in different ambient environments in the United Kingdom with a mobile high flow rate sampler utilising porous foams to achieve the required particle size selection. Atmospheric Environment, 2018, 182 51-57, (open access)

SUMNER, J., ROBINSON, E., BRADSHAW, L., LEWIS, L., WARREN, N., YOUNG, C. and FISHWICK, D. Underestimation of spirometry in the workplace if recommended testing guidance is not followed. Occupational Medicine, 2018, 68 (2), 126-128, (open access)

SUMNER, J., ROBINSON, E., BRADSHAW, L., LEWIS, L., WARREN, N., YOUNG, C. and FISHWICK, D. (2017) Underestimation of spirometry in the workplace if recommended testing guidance is not followed. Occupational Medicine, 68 (2), 126-128,

TOLIAS, I., STEWART, J. R., NEWTON, A., KEENAN, J., MAKAROV, D., HOYES, J., MOLKOV, V. and VENETSANOS, A. Numerical simulations of vented hydrogen deflagrations in a medium-scale enclosure. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 2018, 52 125-139,

VAN DER VLUGT, C., BROWN, D., LEHMANN, K., LEUNDA, A. and WILLEMARCK, N. A framework for the risk assessment and management of gene drive technology in contained use. Applied Biosafety, 2018, 23 (1), 25-31, (open access)

WILLERTON, L. and MASON, H. The development of methods to measure exposure to a major rabbit allergen (Ory c 1). AIMS Public Health, 2018, 5 (2), 99-110, (open access)


Conference Papers

DAZON, C., WITSCHGER, O., BAU, S., PAYET, R., FIERRO, V., JENSEN, K., JANKOWSKA, E., BARD, D., TUINMAN, I. and LLEWELLYN, D. Dustiness de nanomateriaux en poudre: proposition d'un nouvel indice relatif a la metrique surface (Dustiness of nanaomaterial in powder form: proposal of a new surface-based dustiness index). Auteurs (2018) Congres Francais sur les Aerosols 2018, Paris, France, 30-31 January 2018,


Trade and Professional Magazine Articles

BEERS, H., JOHNSON, S. and DAY, N.  Changing world of work and occupational health: insights on working into older age.  Safety and Health Practitioner, Apr 2018,  (open access)

BISHOP, B.  Editorial.  The Evaluator, Spring 2018, 3

BISHOP, B. Editorial: The UK Evaluation Conference 2017.  The Evaluator, 3,


Reports by HSE Scientists and Expert Committees

JONES, A. Manual handling risks to midwives associated with birthing pools: literature review and incident analysis. HSE, 2018. (RR1132)





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