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Publications 2005

Journal Papers

BARBER, C. M., CURRAN, A. D., BRADSHAW, L. M., MORICE, A. H., RAWBONE, R. & FISHWICK, D. 2005. Reproducibility and validity of a Yan-style portable citric acid cough challenge. Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 18, 177-180.

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BELL, N. A., BRADLEY, C. S., BROUGHTON, R. A., COLES, S. J., HIBBS, D. E., HURSTHOUSE, M. B., RAY, A. K., SIMMONDS, D. J. & THORPE, S. C. 2005. Comparison of the structure property relationships in LB films of zwitterionic TCNQ adducts. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 15, 1437-1445.

BERTA, M., APPS, P. J. & PRANGNELL, P. B. 2005. Effect of processing route and second phase particles on grain refinement during equal-channel angular extrusion. Materials Science and Engineering a-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 410, 381-385.

BRANT, A., BERRIMAN, J., SHARP, C., WELCH, J., ZEKVELD, C., NIEUWENHUIJSEN, M., ELMS, J., NEWMAN-TAYLOR, A. & CULLINAN, P. 2005. The changing distribution of occupational asthma: a survey of supermarket bakery workers. European Respiratory Journal, 25, 303-308.

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BULL, P. J., BROOKE, R. K., COCKER, J., JONES, K. & WARREN, N. 2005. An occupational hygiene investigation of exposure to acrylamide and the role for urinary S-carboxyethyl-cysteine (CEC) as a biological marker. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 49, 683-690.

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FITCHETT, A. E., COLLINS, S. A., MASON, H., BARNARD, C. J. & CASSADAY, H. J. 2005. Urinary corticosterone measures: Effects of strain and social rank in BKW and CD-1 mice. Behavioural Processes, 70, 168-176.

FOSTER, R.D. 2005 XRF analysis of harmful metals collected onto filters as thin layers from workplace air: interlaboratory exercise. Adv. X-Ray Anal., 48, 296-308.

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LUNN, G. 2005. Characterisation of explosiblity. Charact. Bulk Solids, 181-205 CP

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NAYLOR, S., ELMS, J., CURRAN, A. D., BRADSHAW, L. M., HENSON, M., RAWBONE, R., FISHWICK, D. & BRIT THORACIC SOC RES, C. 2005b. Variation in diagnostic methods for occupational asthma. A national study. Thorax, 60, II72-II72.

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