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The Diffusive Monitor

The Diffusive Monitor is a free publication of the Health and Safety Executive CAR Committee (Committee on Analytical Requirements), Working Group 5. This Working Group is concerned with workplace and environmental applications of diffusive sampling for assessing air quality.

The newsletter was started in May 1988 as a consequence of the Diffusive Sampling Symposium held in Luxembourg the previous year and is published approximately once a year. It contains articles on diffusive monitoring techniques and applications, and is a useful source of information on European and international standardisation in this area and of sampling rate data. Contributions are mostly from members of the Working Group, which has an international membership.

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Edition 16, April 2008


  • By way of Introduction
  • Current News
  • NO2 and SO2 in ambient air by membrane-closed Palmes tube
  • Sample tube tagging - Enhanced tracking for thermal desorption
  • Controlling GC carrier flow through thermal desorb tion transfer line
  • Uptake of occupational BTX on Carbograph TD1 tube sampler

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Edition 15, February 2006


  • By way of Introduction
  • Current News
  • Effect of Temperature on Long-Term Diffusive Sampling
  • Validation Techniques for Benzene and VOC Measurements in Flanders
  • Packing Integrity of Thermal Desorption Tubes
  • Discrimination During Calibration of Thermal Desorption Methods

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Edition 14, December 2003


  • By way of Introduction
  • Uptake Rates for Ambient 1,3-butadiene on Carbopack X
  • A New Passive Sampler for Ambient Monitoring of Ammonia
  • Diffusive Sampling of Semi-volatile Organic Compounds
  • Effect of Sorbent Tube Flow Resistance on Recovery in Thermal Desorption
  • Pollution by Ozone: Measurement and Reduction of its Precursors

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Edition 13, September 2002


  • By way of Introduction
  • CEN Air Quality Standards - An update
  • A Multi-component Diffusive Sampler for Acidic Gases
  • Diffusive Sampling for the Assessment of Air Quality in Museums
  • Blanks on Carbograph-4
  • A New Exposure Chamber for the Determination of Diffusive Sampler Performance
  • Determination of the Benzene Diffusive Uptake Rate for the Sorbent Carbopack X
  • The BRE study of indoor Air Quality in English Homes
  • Novel uses of Diffusive Monitors (examples from the BP Network)

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Edition 12, July 2001


  • By way of Introduction
  • Current News
  • Analyst Diffusive Sampler
  • Experimental Workplace Uptakes for Butyl Acrylate and Cyclohexane
  • Diffusive Uptake Rates - Perkin Elmer
  • Diffusive Uptake Rates - Draeger, 3M, SKC and Radiello
  • Ordering Diffusive Monitor
  • Conferences

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