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Case Study

Protecting the Health of Carillion's Workforce

The Client

Carillion PLC are one of the UK's leading support services companies, employing over 50,000 people with an annual revenue of over £5bn. The Carillion Infrastructure business keeps traffic flowing on over 20% of the UK's motorway and road network, in partnership with the Highways Agency and Local Authorities. This brings with it considerable challenges in health and safety.

The Problem

As a forward thinking company, Carillion are committed to reducing their accident and illness rate as part of their 'Target Zero' initiative and approached HSL to see how we might be able to help them answer the question "How can we protect the health of our workforce within our Roads business?"

What We Did

HSL worked in partnership with Carillion to understand the problem and how it impacted on Carillion's business aims and then undertook a systematic review of the health needs of the workforce, including:

  • Site visits to understand the conditions and hazards that workers are exposed to.
  • Focus groups led by a work psychologist to give an opportunity for all levels of employee, including senior management to express their views on occupational health and what it meant for Carillion.
  • A fundamental review of Carillion policies to ensure that the fundamentals were in place.
  • A review of existing occupational health provision.


The project has had significant benefits for Carillion, including

  • Tangible progress toward their company objective 'Target Zero'.
  • Insight into the barriers preventing them from achieving their objectives.
  • Independent opinion on their existing occupational health provision.

The most significant impact of the work for Carillion has been the development of a practical strategy for future developments of their occupational health provision, and the ability to demonstrate to its main client, the Highways Agency, that they are taking proactive steps to manage the health risks associated with road maintenance.

Carillion are taking forward the recommendations made by HSL and expect to see a significant financial return on their investment in the reduction of sickness absence and improved worker well-being.

Downloadable pdf of case study

"HSL and Carillion have worked hard from the outset to ensure that the project was based on a solid partnership approach. The professionalism, delivery and quality of HSL's work on this project has been second to none."
David Roffe, Professional Head of Health and Safety, Carillion Roads

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