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Best Practice in Occupational Health and Safety Regulation: Effective Incident Investigation for Regulators

Live Online


The Health and Safety Executive provides support to fellow occupational safety and health (OSH) regulators around the World. This live online course is for individuals who are responsible for undertaking investigations into workplace incidents. HSE will be sharing the incident investigation principles developed as part of its Regulators Training Programme (RTP) in a live online course, available to fellow Health and Safety regulators.

The course covers the main principles and best practices that HSE has developed to become a global leader in incident investigation. The programme will be led by an experienced principal inspector who will take you through the key stages of an incident investigation, from initial notification and planning, through the evidential and analysis stages, to the production of an effective investigation report.

The live online format allows for interactive sessions and group discussion with fellow regulators from all around the world. The learning is brought alive using case studies and individual exercises.

The course allows for a day and a half with a specialist principal inspector, spread over three days, in consecutive weeks. This format gives ample breaks, networking and self-study time.

The course will cover

  • Understanding why we investigate
  • The essential stages of the investigation process
  • How to develop an Investigation Plan
  • Ensuring the safety of the investigation team
  • The investigation review process
  • Taking control of an investigation scene
  • The different forms of evidence and how to secure it
  • Dealing with witnesses and suspects
  • The concept of establishing the immediate, underlying and root causes of an accident
  • The production of an Investigation Report, including making recommendations for further action

Who should attend?

Regulators who undertake or manage OHS investigations. This course is for fellow regulators. For those who are not regulators please see HSE Inspectors' Guide to Risk Management: Risk Assessment and Control and NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

Live Online Course Information

All you'll need is an internet-connected computer, laptop or tablet plus webcam and microphone. We do not recommend using a smartphone. Before you book, you can check that you meet the  Zoom System Requirements and run a diagnostic test to ensure the software is compatible wtth your firewall settings - if it doesn't work, try adjusting your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website.

If you would like training delivered specifically for your organisation we can use other platforms such as MSTeams, so please get in touch to dicuss your requirements.


The cost of the course is £850 per person (includes course notes and certificate of attendance).

Please note that all courses must be paid for via credit card at the time of booking.

For further dates and additional information email: or contact the Training and Events Team at HSE directly on +44 (0)203 028 3704.

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