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HAVS Assessment Schedule


The assessment includes:

Examination of the patient by an occupational physician to include a judgement about exposure to hand-transmitted vibration and as appropriate, Allen's test to assess arterial blood flow in the hands, tests of hand sensation and dexterity, provocation tests for carpal tunnel syndrome and dynamometry for maximal grip strength.

Standardised tests of thermal and vibration perception will be undertaken in accordance with the ISVR, University of Southampton and ISO9001.

If appropriate, referral for magnetic resonance angiography or multisegmental nerve conduction tests and advice on the management of the case will be included in the assessment report.

Where there is sufficient information, staging of the case according to the modified Stockholm Workshop scale will be undertaken.


Bespoke assessment packages can be provided on request.

If you require further information regarding the HAVS assessment or require a bespoke package, please contact CWH on 0203 028 3706 or e-mail

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