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CWH Consultancy

CWH have the capabilities to undertake complex investigations and can provide advice and support to both company occupational health services and employers. Our activities are supported by a comprehensive range of health and safety related activities including ergonomics, work psychology, toxicology, immunology, microbiology, biological monitoring, occupational hygiene (including laboratory support) and personal protective equipment specialist advice.

We offer occupational health consultancy activities that help occupational health practitioners and organisations to deliver measureable health improvements in workplace health and well-being. Using our skills and the techniques to assist both individual employees in maintaining their health and "workability" and employers in improving their total business "workability" and help to maintain a healthy, well and productive workforce.

Workplace Health Review

Follows a systematic approach to clearly define the health needs of an organisation versus perceived needs by one section of the organisation. Includes engaging stakeholders e.g. focus groups, in order to understand the specific issues that workers are faced from their perspective, plus workplace visits. The identified needs can then be prioritised with the organisation's input and matched against the resources available, whilst considering the current strengths and weaknesses of any existing OH activity.

By adopting this approach you get "buy in" to health related initiatives from all levels of employees by involving them in the process.    By identifying the health needs you are able to prioritise where action will be taken in relation to the importance of the need and in relation to the resources that the organisation has available.  Priority would be given to ensuring as a minimum the organisation was meeting their legal requirements.

Case Study - Carillion Roads

Occupational Health Audit Tool

Used to evaluate and make an independant and reliable assessment of an organisation's current occupational health provision.  Specifically to assess the occupational health needs of an organisation in relation to meeting its legislative occupational health requirements.

The benefits of this approach:

Organisations are able to demonstrate  improvement in occupational health documentation, and confidence that the occupational health provided is compliant with current legislation and addresses organisational needs;

Identification of the strengths and weaknesses in the current provision enabling organisations to better specify their OH provision requirements, which can lead to cost savings;

Areas for improvement and opportunity are highlighted to optimise performance;

Raised awareness of the value of occupational health activity with employees, can motivate employees to participate and take responsibility for managing their own health;

Financial benefits may be recognised, from an efficient, proactive occupational health service, for example by reduced sickness absence rates;

Repeated auditing can encourage an ongoing cycle of improvement activities in occupational health related activity.

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