Get Tooled-up to Tackle Work-related Stress

January’s ‘Blue Monday’ might be behind us (hooray!) but for those suffering from work-related stress every day can be blue. However, as Karen Roberts explains here, with the right tools and resources workplace stress can be tackled effectively.  Nobody really likes Monday, do they? Dragging yourself out of bed to face another week of work … Continue reading “Get Tooled-up to Tackle Work-related Stress”

Why it’s time to speak up about stress at work

Carolyn Yeoman, ‎Principal Organisational Psychologist at HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory, explains the benefits of tackling work-related stress. It often strikes me as odd that the single largest contributor to employee absence seems to be the one we talk about the least. Illnesses relating to workplace stress, anxiety or depression account for around 40% of … Continue reading “Why it’s time to speak up about stress at work”