The Healthy and Safe 12 Days of Christmas

The festive season can be a very busy time during which it’s easy to take your eye off the baubles when it comes to health and safety. Taking ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ as her inspiration, Karen Roberts, Commercial Marketing Executive, explains how HSE’s products and publications are fabulous resources for keeping you healthy and … Continue reading “The Healthy and Safe 12 Days of Christmas”

Refreshed RM3 keeps your risk management on track

John Gillespie, the Office of Rail and Road’s Deputy Director of Policy, Strategy and Planning (Railway Safety) recently blogged about the success of RM3; a model that enables excellence in risk management. Originally devised by ORR for assessing risk management in the rail industry, it’s now recognised that RM3’s positive impact on workplace health and … Continue reading “Refreshed RM3 keeps your risk management on track”