Get Tooled-up to Tackle Work-related Stress

January’s ‘Blue Monday’ might be behind us (hooray!) but for those suffering from work-related stress every day can be blue. However, as Karen Roberts explains here, with the right tools and resources workplace stress can be tackled effectively.  Nobody really likes Monday, do they? Dragging yourself out of bed to face another week of work … Continue reading “Get Tooled-up to Tackle Work-related Stress”

How are cushions, curtains and conserving your hearing connected?

HSE’s Noise and Vibration Specialists make some serious points about hearing conservation while weaving in talk of soft furnishings… don’t worry, it’ll all make sense. Can you remember walking into your new home for the first time? All of those empty rooms and bare floors like blank canvasses just waiting for you to decorate and … Continue reading “How are cushions, curtains and conserving your hearing connected?”

The Big Fun Healthy Lungs Quiz

We all need to look after our lungs. Work related lung diseases are a big problem that can ruin lives. But how much do you know about lungs and lung health? Why not take a breather (sorry!) and test your knowledge with our fiendish-but-fun Healthy Lungs Quiz? Thousands of people die from work-related lung diseases … Continue reading “The Big Fun Healthy Lungs Quiz”

A tale of tea, TV and misused PPE (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog Diving Safety and PPE specialist Nick Bailey lamented the inappropriate use of PPE he’d spotted in one of the many home building/renovation shows that currently infest the telly. He’d picked the home renovation show as the first part of a relaxing evening’s viewing. As we return to the story, … Continue reading “A tale of tea, TV and misused PPE (Part 2)”

What if these traffic lights never change…?

Kevin Hallas, Commercial Manager in HSE’s Centre for Human and Organisational Performance, illustrates how instinctual, rather than thoughtful, behaviour can  undermine health and safety. How long do you wait for temporary traffic lights to change? The longer you wait, the more you think they’re not working. You can see the other end of the road … Continue reading “What if these traffic lights never change…?”

Why it’s time to speak up about stress at work

Carolyn Yeoman, ‎Principal Organisational Psychologist at HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory, explains the benefits of tackling work-related stress. It often strikes me as odd that the single largest contributor to employee absence seems to be the one we talk about the least. Illnesses relating to workplace stress, anxiety or depression account for around 40% of … Continue reading “Why it’s time to speak up about stress at work”