The Healthy and Safe 12 Days of Christmas

Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas

The festive season can be a very busy time during which it’s easy to take your eye off the baubles when it comes to health and safety.
Taking ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ as her inspiration, Karen Roberts, Commercial Marketing Executive, explains how HSE’s products and publications are fabulous resources for keeping you healthy and safe over the yuletide period.

As with any job that requires working at height, gathering a partridge from a pear tree is not without risk. HSE publication INDG401 describes the actions that employers need to take in order to protect their workers against falls from height.

Speaking of partridges, if your job involves handling these (or turtle doves, french hens, calling birds or geese) you’ll probably find it worthwhile to cast your eye over the recently updated third edition of Farmwise. And, of course, we’d also recommend the same to any maids-a-milking who might be reading this.

Thinking of smelting some gold to make five (or more) gold rings for Christmas gifts? Handling molten metals of any sort can be hazardous; our website provides valuable information and advice on the main causes of injury and ill-health in industries that involve the use of molten metals.

Swans-a-swimming generally seem to know what they’re doing health-and-safety-wise, but for us humans it’s wise to take appropriate precautions around swimming pools. If you operate or manage a swimming pool, HSG179 provides practical guidance on the risks associated with swimming pool operation and the steps that can be taken to help achieve a safer environment both for people who use swimming pools and employees who work at them.

Slips, trips and falls are an ever-present threat to all you lords-a-leaping and ladies dancing (and particularly in the wintertime when there may be frost, snow or ice to contend with). Slipping accidents can be minimised if the right choice of footwear is made, and this is where our GRIP footwear rating scheme can be of benefit. GRIP enables employers and footwear purchasers to make informed decisions when buying slip-resistant footwear, helping to ensure that the most appropriate choice is made for any particular working environment.

Drumming – especially at Christmas – is noisy work and, as we’ve mentioned in the blog before, it’s important to protect your hearing both at work and in your leisure time. There are plenty of HSE resources that can help you in this respect, such as Controlling noise at work. Guidance on the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005Sound Advice: control of noise at work in music and entertainment. HSG260  and Noise at Work – Advice for employers INDG362 (rev 1) 

Lastly, let’s not forget the important work that’s done by all those pipers piping. HSE’s Energy Division (ED) is responsible for the onshore and offshore pipelines industry. Pipers who pipe, may find the following titles of interest:
A guide to the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) Regulations 1995: guidance on regulations

Health care and first aid on offshore installations and pipeline works Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (First-aid) Regulations 1989 Approved Code of Practice and guidance 2nd ed., 2000

At the Health and Safety Executive, we believe everyone has the right to come home safe and well from their job. That’s why our mission is to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health; not just at Christmas but every day of the year.

So from all of us at HSE, we wish you a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas. And if you want to keep up with all that’s new on our blog in 2018, why not subscribe?

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