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Enabling a Better Working World

Enabling a better Working World

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Risk Management

Preventing occupational ill-health or injury caused by exposure to any hazardous chemical, Managing Risk with HSL.jpgbiological and physical hazards is essential for any business.

Successful organisations understand that sensible and proportionate risk management is integral to delivering their business.

This approach supports innovation and growth while protecting your most valuable asset: your people. Positive outcomes can include reduced sickness absence, lower costs and a good reputation.

Regardless of your organisation's size, complexity or line of business, HSL will work alongside you to make sure that you get your risk management right.

We can attend your site (or sites) to provide an impartial but expert assessment of any potential hazards in the workplace.

We can let you know just how well your current risk management controls are working and advise you where any improvements are needed and how they can be made. We'll help you to develop intelligent, targeted and efficient strategies to help ensure that your organisation complies with relevant health and safety law.


HSL helps you to manage workplace risk

We specialise in addressing unusual, complex and hard to solve health and safety problems in sectors including
aerospace, construction, manufacturing, power and utilities, oil and gas, and transport.

We can do this because we are able to call upon and combine the expertise of specialists working in many different fields of health and safety (medicine, ergonomics, behavioural psychology, falls prevention and microbiology are just a few examples) all under the same roof.


How we'll work with you

Involving your staff at all levels we'll not only assess the effectiveness of your existing risk management controls but we'll also get a feel for how the management of health and safety risks is perceived by employees.

We'll then present our findings to you, suggest practical improvements and solutions for any issues we've identified and will, if you require us, help you to implement and periodically review them to ensure their ongoing effectiveness.


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For expert risk management support, contact us now

If you'd like to find out how HSL's risk management expertise can benefit your business, or have specific questions or issues and would like advice, why not

request a callback or email us:

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