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Enabling a Better Working World

Enabling a better Working World

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Preventing Work Related Stress


The overall cost to British employers of stress, anxiety and depression amounts to more than £1,000 per employee, per year.Workplace stress solutions from HSL.jpg

While some businesses recognise that they have an issue with work related stress, they waste time and money by treating the symptoms rather than identifying and addressing the root causes of stress.

Other organisations simply don't know where or how to begin tackling workplace stress.

In either case, HSL can help.


The benefits of preventing work related stress

The Health and Safety Executive advocates a step-by-step risk management approach to deal with work related stress and devised the Management Standards to help organisations achieve this.

The Management Standards cover six key risk factors for work related stress, and define the characteristics, or culture, of an organisation where these risks are effectively managed and controlled.

Using the Management Standards to control or eliminate the risk factors that contribute to work related stress can provide demonstrable benefits and return on investment including:

  • a reduction in stress related staff absences and their associated costs
  • improved employee health, wellbeing and morale
  • sustained or improved business productivity
  • an enhanced reputation as an employer committed to the welfare of employees


Don't let work related stress impact your people or business.
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HSL can help you to tackle work related stress

Our expert-led training and workshops guide you through the process, empowering you and others within your business with the skills needed to apply a successful approach to workplace stress prevention.


Get started with a Stress Strategy Workshop

As a first step toward protecting your employees from work related stress and safeguarding your business performance, HSL's stress management experts can visit you on-site to facilitate a Stress Strategy Workshop.

Involving key personnel across your business who are responsible for, and can influence, the mental health and wellbeing of staff, our Stress Strategy Workshop will:

  • introduce the Management Standards preventative approach to work related stressors
  • help you to prioritise and focus efforts on tackling root causes of stress
  • provide resilience and coping strategies for employees
  • provide leaders with the competencies needed to manage work related stress


To find out more or arrange your Stress Strategy Workshop, email now

The next steps: Aspire to a stress free future

When you're ready to implement and deliver a holistic stress, mental health and wellbeing management programme, HSL can help you to achieve this successfully.

We will work closely with you and your teams, acting as expert advisers to ensure that you tackle the root causes of work related stress in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

To ensure value we tailor our solutions to your organisation's needs and can provide:

  • valuable oversight and input to your business plan and strategy
  • specific solutions and interventions to tackle the causes of workplace stress
  • robust KPIs and metrics with which to measure your progress
  • programme audit and evaluation
  • cost benefit analysis and advice on sustainability


To begin your journey to a stress free future for your business, contact now



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